• One-Time Cleaning Services in Danbury CT

  • Your time is valuable, so let us handle cleaning your home or business for you. You may have just had a big party in your home, and your guests left a big mess. Perhaps you just had a hectic week at the store or office, and the place looks like it could use one-time cleaning services in Danbury CT. Our professional maids cleaning services can handle the messiest job quickly and efficiently.

    At Danbury Cleaning Services, we strive to be the only place you need to call for all your home or commercial cleaning. Our professional cleaning services include wall washing, floor waxing and floor stripping. Our residential housekeepers will handle your after-party cleanup as well as move-out and move-in cleaning and any cleaning after a holiday. We also do clean up after renovations and post construction clean up of your home or business. We at Danbury Cleaning Services firmly believe the following:

    • You are entitled to a clean home. You work hard and should not have to find the extra time to clean your house. Since you are busy with work and the kids and who knows what else, let us handle this chore for you.
    • You can have confidence in us to clean your home while respecting your privacy and your personal belongings. Our maids are in your home or business to quickly clean it up and then leave you to enjoy your pristine environment.
    • Each job we do at any home or business is distinct and special to us. We know you may have your own needs and expectations for us, and we listen to you. Our maids are competent and courteous when dealing with all of our customers.

    We are confident we can handle any cleaning job you have for us, but we can’t do it until you give us a call and let us know what you need us to do. Everyone’s floors, carpets, furniture and home in general go through wear and tear just in the course of living our lives. Parties, renovating, or construction can make it even worse. If you find that your carpets or upholstery are looking dirty or your floors are looking dingy, or pet stains have left an unpleasant odor hanging in the air, you don’t have to live with it. Please give our friendly and professional staff a call today and let us know how we can help you.