• Upholstery Cleaning in Danbury

  • Upholstery Cleaning in Danbury CT

    No company cleans better than the pros at Danbury Cleaning Service. We have the equipment, cleaning solutions, and specially trained staff to clean your home or business from top to bottom and leave it looking good and smelling fresh. We clean lights, fixtures, drapes, furniture, floors and floor coverings. We can get your rugs, carpet, and hardwood floors deep down clean and leave them looking as good as new. We can also clean your drapery and other wall hangings. We provide furniture cleaning and are a professional leather cleaner. We have the recommended cleaners to clean and protect your leather furniture.

    Furniture, drapes, floors, and floor covering need special cleaning products to get them clean without doing damaging to them. For all upholstery cleaning service in Danbury CT we use only the highest quality, environmentally safe cleaning products that meet or exceed manufacturers’ recommendations. All of the products we use clean effectively and are safe for people and pets. They loosen deep down dirt, stains, and odors, remove them, and leave everything looking and smelling good. We use also disinfect and protect drapes, furniture, and floor coverings.

    Our experienced staff is what really sets our company apart. All our people are licensed, bonded, insured, and experienced. Plus they are taught the skills necessary to clean a wide range of materials. When they come to your home or business, they know exactly what equipment, cleaning solvents, and techniques to use to leave the entire place looking great. We stand behind our work. Customer service is very important to us. To us the job is not complete until the customer is satisfied.

    There are a number of reasons you should hire us to clean your home or business. We believe you:

    1. Deserve a clean home and place of business.
    2. Don’t have the time to do all the work
    3. Know we can be trusted to respect your privacy, belongings, and home or business.
    4. Want cleaning services customized for your property.
    5. Deserve efficient, effective, professional cleaners.
    6. Want your preferences respected.

    We do all these things and more. Give us a call, email us, or fill out the application.