• What Parts of a House Need Regular Cleaning?

  • To make it a thorough cleaning, you should follow the following guide to effective and efficient house cleaning.

    #1. Bathroom

    To most homeowners, the bathroom is the last part of the house they like to clean. A bathroom is prone to dirt and wetness so it needs regular cleaning. Generally, deep cleaning should be performed, at least, monthly. As for the bathroom fixtures, they need weekly cleaning. Different fixtures need different treatments. For instance, toilets need to be scrubbed with an abrasive bathroom cleaner to remove toilet rings and kill germs. Shower heads need to be soaked in a vinegar and water solution to remove the soap or hair-product scum. As for the bathtub, it needs to be sprayed with an abrasive bathroom cleaner and scrubbed with a good scrub to avoid a tub ring from appearing. If you detect mildew smell in the bathroom, you may have to do mildew and mold cleanup with an ammonia or bleach solution. If the mold or mildew infection is severe, the help of house cleaning services in cleaning mold and mildew is needed.

    #2. Kitchen

    When cooking, the humidity levels in the kitchen can reach over 45%, which is a perfect condition for mold and mildew to proliferate. Additionally, the oily splashes can cover the backsplash tiles very badly if not immediately cleaned. As an area where food is cooked, the kitchen should be well-cleaned and maintained to provide a germ-free environment. Backsplash tiles should be wiped down with an all-purpose cleaner at least weekly to remove the residue. The refrigerator and oven are also the other things that need special attention because they have direct contact with raw or cooked food. Wipe down the inside of the refrigerator and oven with a soft damp rug soaked in a lemon and water solution. Repeat it until it is completely cleaned.

    #3. Flooring

    Floors can contain thousands of germs because they have direct contact with feet, shoes, pet and all sorts of liquid spills. The floors should be vacuumed and moped weekly. If you have wooden flooring, you can vacuum it biweekly and occasionally spray it with a wood cleaner before damp wiping it down.

    #4. Household extras

    Of all household fixtures, windows, blinds and baseboards are the most favorite places for germs. Wipe down your windows and blinds once in a month and do deep cleaning once in a year. As for the baseboards, you can vacuum them to remove the debris.

    The bathroom, kitchen, flooring and a few household extras highly need regular cleaning because they are prone to dirt and wetness. Additionally, a few of them also come in direct contact with food so the hygiene should be checked more often. All of them can be cleaned on your own; but, every once in awhile, they need to be deep-cleaned by a professional cleaning service. House cleaning services can help thoroughly clean out-of-reach areas of the house, perform mold removal and mildew removal as well as other customized services.